It's Been a While

I haven’t blogged in well over a year due to a lot of things.  I had a new job, felt like I didn’t have time to do many new projects, etc.  I kept telling myself that I would blog again, but before I knew it, time had passed and here we are.  Lots of things have changed since my last blog post – our son was born! Yup, I was pregnant and had our little boy in November 2013.  I’m a little hesitant blogging about all the details and about our little boy because I’m such a private person.  I don’t like putting intimate details online because I’m not so trusting.  So even though he’s the most important thing in my life, I think I’ll keep this blog strictly home projects and keep my family life out of it – for the time being, anyway.

We (well, Tim not so much, but I am!) are so excited to tackle more home projects this spring and summer once all of this snow melts. So far, our snow totals have been highest in all the state and Spring cannot come soon enough.

Here’s what we’re hoping to complete:


-Kitchen – paint the ceiling, walls, and cabinets and add new hardware
-Office – paint
-Bathroom/Laundry room makeover – paint, install new toilet and vanity, add storage
-Sunroom – install new flooring and paint


-Bathroom – paint, install flooring, new vanity, and toilet

In addition, we hope to paint our wood trim and doors in the entire house


-repaint farmer’s porch
-install stone patio and fire pit

-fix up the back deck
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