Upcycled Decorative Wine Bottles

I love re-purposing items that would otherwise be forgotten about and thrown away.  I decided to make some decorative wine bottle vases by using some Scotch Blue Painter's Tape, RustOleum Frosted Glass Spray, and jute twine. (Check out my wine cork button project here)

First, I sprayed the bottles with WD40, let it soak in a little, then scrubbed the adhesive off with a damp paper towel.   After the bottles were dry, I taped off stripes in the areas I didn't want spray painted.

 After a quick coat of spraypaint and some time to dry, I peeled off the tape. I had never used RustOleum's frosted glass spray before and I love how it turned out!

 Lastly, I applied Modge Podge to the upper part of the wine bottles, then wrapped some jute twine around them.

Here's the finished product! They'd look great with some fresh cut flowers in them.

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~PJ said...

AWESOME! I was going to do some etching cream on some glasses to recreate a moustache glass I saw @ Urband Outfitters, but etching cream is like $20 a bottle! This would be WAY easier/cheaper :)

Off to find some of this paint!

Chris Kerschner said...

Those bottles turned out nice. I never thought of using WD40 to remove the adhesive for the labels.

Did you have to put just one coat of the frosted glass spray paint on the bottles?

Amy @ Casa in the Country said...

PJ, that sounds awesome! I can't wait to see your finished product. Chris, yup, only one coat was needed!

Meri said...

Those are very cool looking! I didn't know there was that type of spray "paint"--I am definitely gonna look into it. I have 5 kids, we go through a lot of wine, husband and I! ;) lol

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