Brimfield Finds

As many of you probably know, Brimfield, MA holds three multi-day antique shows each year.  This year, Tim and I met up with my Mom and perused the 5,000+ dealer tents.  We went during a scorching hot 95 degree heat wave, but nothing could keep us from trudging through the fields, searching for a good deal.

I loved the industrial looking lighting, but they were hundreds of dollars.  Maybe a DIY project in the future?

This burlap lighting would be fun and simple to make.

 And the only use for these that I could think of were futuristic looking small dog/cat houses...

I ended up leaving with a ton of inspiration for future projects and with a Sunkist grapefruit box for $10.  I discovered that once we got the box home, the little bit of paper that was left on the box fell off, so I applied a coat of modge podge under and over the paper to preserve it on the box.

I also left with an old key for $2.  I love the heart detailing.

Not a bad day! Who's going to the show in September?

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