DIY Burlap Pin Cushion Board

When we moved in, the prior owners left a cork bulletin board above our little desk area in the kitchen.  It wasn't really our style, but we left it there untouched for a while.  Rather than throw it out, I re-purposed it into a large pincushion board that I could hang on the wall in my sewing nook that's currently in progress.

It was super easy to do.  First, using my upholstery gun, I stapled a layer of thick batting onto the bulletin board.


I cut my burlap, making sure that there was enough room to wrap it over the batting and securely staple it behind the board.  I also glue gunned the corners of the burlap on the back of the board because the staples weren't long enough to go through both the burlap and the batting in the corners.

Here's the finished product!

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