Victorian Chair Makeover

A few months ago my MIL brought over a victorian chair that she had in storage.  While I was cleaning it, the top part fell off and shattered on the floor.  I was originally planning on keeping the chair natural, but since I had to piece it back together with wood glue and putty, I decided I should probably paint.

When the wood glue and putty dried, I lightly sanded to even out the texture of the chair.  I didn't prime before spraypainting (I used Valspar's Exotic Sea Gloss) because I didn't mind if some of the wood coloring of the chair seeped through for a more antique look.

The cushion was full of hay and wool and was fastened to the wooden seat with rusty nails, which definitely had to go.  I padded the wooden seat with couple of foam chair cushions from Ikea that I cut to size and stapled a heavy batting over it.  I then cut the fabric to size and used my upholstery gun to finish off the seat.

How cute is the rose detailing?!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Amy I have definitely missed your posts. I think the chair is wonderful, sometimes the piece just tells you what it wants... maybe that's why the back fell off!

Amy @ Casa in the Country said...

Thanks PJ! :)

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