Dining Room Furniture for the Bedroom

A while ago I snagged this sturdy buffet piece for FREE. It used to be in my brother's bedroom and my mom was going to donate it. I saw some potential in it, even though it was stained a dark brown, had ugly brass hardware, and had my brother's name carved into the top.

I don't have any before photos of it, but you can see how dark the stain was by looking at the inside, which I left completely untouched. I lightly sanded it by hand and then added a couple coats of Rustoleom Satin Paint in Heirloom White. I used a foam brush to make sure there wouldn't be any brush streaks and definitely took a chance by deciding not to prime and it worked out! A couple coats of paint was all it needed. I also spray painted the brass pulls, knobs, and hinges black for a cheap, easy fix.

Even though it's probably meant to be dining room furniture, this baby is going right into the bedroom. I have so many pairs of jeans that I could probably fill a whole bureau and still run out of space, but because of the shelving inside, this guy's the perfect storage solution with plenty of room to spare. The only problem is it's so well-built and heavy, it might be sitting in the garage for a while because it's too difficult for Tim and I to carry upstairs together.




1 comment:

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

Awesome...Free? It doesn't get any better than that.

Love the black on white...always a classic color combo.

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