We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw these two wooden lamp bases at Target for less than ten bucks each! They are super sturdy and were originally priced at $40 each!! We thought about spraypainting them a bright color for Spring, but decided against it. We really love the natural color of the wood and can't wait to put them on our nightstands when those are refinished. All we need now are some lamp shades and we're kicking ourselves for not picking up those at Target the day we found the lamps (they were marked down to an amazing clearance price of less than $5 each.) When we went back just a day later, they were all gone. Guess that teaches us to grab 'em before someone else does.


Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

What a deal! Love it when I find something great and cheap in price. They look paint ugh?

That is willpower to the max. I would be chomping at the bit to paint them just b/c I like to paint anything :)

No worries about those shades, you'll probably find something amazing and you'll be glad you didn't get the ones at Target.

Amy Katy said...

Thanks, Cindi! We love to paint too, but figured since we pretty much refinish anything and everything we get cheap, we'll leave these as a matter of fact, my hands are still covered in yellow and teal spraypaint from a project I did earlier today! lol

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