My New Blue Snakeskin Boots

My dad's birthday is just four short days away and I still didn't have a present as of this morning, but luckily, thanks to a few finds at a thrift store, he'll be getting three great items. I found an old brown and tan jug, an old butterchurn missing the pole, and an old barrel. And no, I'm not ruining the surprise by posting this, he was actually on the phone with me at the thrift store and told me to get them! I also got myself a pair of blue leather faux snakeskin cowboy boots for kicks and they're just my size! They actually may see daylight once or twice if I can get up the courage to wear them to a country show in the summer. I wonder if Tim will dare to be seen with me in my fancy blue boots?


VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Great the brown jug. But the boots are the best...You have to wear them.

Amy Katy said...

Thanks! They're so wild, I couldn't resist them!

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