Now I Can Sleep Easy..

No more wishing I had that glass of water next to me in the middle of the night on my non-existent nightstand thanks to our newest find - a set of Lane vintage end tables/nightstands! We unexpectedly found them at a consignment shop a couple of towns away, and got them for a steal - $25 each. Apparently they had been sitting in the store for years untouched!

It took a little convincing (well, actually about 30 minutes worth) to get Tim to agree to the purchase, but we were soon loading them up into my tiny little Hyundai Accent and luckily they both fit! They may be a little lower than your average nightstand, but that's kinda part of why I like them, while Tim was a little worried they might be a little too low. I'm not sure on an exact measurement, but they are a couple of inches taller than my knees (I'm 5'2").

I really like their classic look and clean lines, but can't wait to spruce them up a bit with a rich, dark stain and turn them into something I absolutely love. Or maybe we'll paint them white and add a decorative patterned paper on the inside panel?

Here's one of the nightstands that we are currently storing in our garage for now. Pictures to come once they are refinished!

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