Our Three Dollar Table Makeover

I scored this $3 table in need of lots of TLC a little while ago and couldn't pass it up.This is what it looked like when I brought it home:

While sanding I discovered that the laminate layer on the top of the table was falling apart and missing some pieces, so I broke out some wood filler and went to town.  Then, I sanded it down and spraypainted a couple coats of Valspar's Exotic Sea in gloss.  

I wanted to do a patterned design on top of the table, but couldn't find any stencils I liked so I used cardstock with a cut out design.  I taped it to the top of the table with Scotch blue painter's tape and used a random yellow can of spraypaint we found in the garage when we moved in.  I also taped around the perimeter of the table below the cardstock to catch any stray spraypaint.  If you're doing two coats of spraypaint like I did, leave the stencil on after the first coat and allow it to dry.  Try not to peek because the stencil will move and it's tough to get the stencil back to it's exact place for the next coat when the paint's wet.  And don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect because it probably won't! After one coat of yellow spraypaint, I lifted up the stencil to see how it turned out, so I had to completely take off the stencil, wait until the spraypaint had dried, then had to match it up as best I could for the next coat of spraypaint.

After searching four different stores for one cute and colorful knob with no avail, I spraypainted the existing knob with my yellow spraypaint.

Voila! Isn't it cute?  

Total Cost: $7
  • Table: $3
  • Valspar spraypaint: $3
  • Cardstock w/ cutout design: $1

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    Meagan, in house nester said...

    Really like the screened print!
    row house nest

    Sheila Shaw said...

    The color you picked for the screened print is horrible! Totally ruined it. Should have gone with white and then distressed. Hate it!

    Amy Katy said...

    Hi Sheila! I thought it would be fun to go with extremely bright colors and wasn't planning on using yellow until I found the spraypaint in the garage. Thanks for your feedback - I think white would have looked great too!

    ~PJ said...

    I can't imagine trying to line that paper back up... good for you!

    Kimie said...

    Fun! Thanks for posting!

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