SOMETHING has been trying to get into our house - maybe a squirrel, or quite possibly rodents.  Whatever they are, they aren't welcome.  Even though I used to have a pet mouse creatively named "Mousey" when I was younger, I really don't want a whole mouse family as pets.  When some friends were visiting over the weekend and we were showing them a tour of the house, we noticed that our dryer vents were disconnected and the dryer was venting into the basement, getting lint everywhere.  The vent cap was literally in pieces outside as well.

After a trip to Lowe's and for less than $4, we had a new vent cap.

I began unscrewing the screws and managed to get three off, but the fourth had some larva that had made their home on top of it.  Gross.  Of course, I waited until Tim got home and made him do the dirty work and in minutes we had our new vent cap in place.

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