Spring Cleaning

We've got so much stuff we don't know what to do with it.  This is our 600 square foot above the garage space we'd love to eventually finish off to make into a bonus room.  It's so easy to keep this as our storage room and forget about the space, but it would be nice to pare down and live with less.  It's hard to believe that all of this stuff was at our old apartment which was only 1100 square feet.  There's a little bit of everything in here - a couple bins of clothing we need to go through and will probably donate, some of my old law school books (some of which are listed on, furniture, and basically an assortment of random stuff.  We've yet to tackle this room, but when we do we'll probably craigslist some stuff and have a tag sale. Can't wait!

Room shot from the door

When I went into the room to take a picture, I came across an old bookcase and an antique mirror.  I love re-discovering what we already have! I'm already thinking about how I can transform the bookcase!

And this is our walk in closet.  Before we moved, Tim and I had donated at least 5 huge garbage bags full of clothing and shoes.  While Tim was at work, I decided to tackle the closet so we could actually walk in our walk in closet. 

I can't believe I'm sharing this, but here's a before shot of the closet floor:

And here's a shot of the closet after I organized it a little.  It's not perfect, but definitely a lot better since you can now see the floor!

  I even came across a pair of ugly shoes I've never worn before! I'll definitely be adding these to our consign/donate pile.  What was I thinking...

I managed to fill a small trash bag of clothing and shoes to consign/donate after this tiny closet clean-out. 

At the beginning of each season I go through all seasonal clothes and shoes to see what I can get rid of following these three steps:   
  1. If it's brand new and I still haven't worn it, chances are I don't really like it so I get rid of it to make room for some new items.
  2. If I haven't worn it for the past year, it's time to go.
  3. If it's not comfortable and doesn't fit right. (Like those cute shoes two sizes too small!)

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