Project Office

While Amy was at work I decided to clean up and organize our office. The office has been the room where we dumped a lot of our miscellaneous boxes and things that didn't fit anywhere else in the house. I moved everything that we don't need on a daily basis (pretty much everything) into storage, and set up the room with our computer, desk and bookshelf.

Here's some pictures of what it looked like before I organized it (Notice our cat Jessie "helping" and the screen. I had to take the screen off to climb through the window to try and get rid of all our accumulated snow after one of our major snowstorms and was literally hanging on the roof):

It's not a huge makeover, but it turned out pretty well - very clean and organized. Someday we'd like to replace the flooring with hardwood and put a fresh coat of paint up, but for now we're happy with the end result!

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