Out With the Old, In With the New!

Or so I thought.  I went to Lowe's to pick up the usual.  You know, a dryer vent cap (some little critters totally destroyed ours to pieces), a couple of rollers, and spraypaint.  I happened to walk past the blinds aisle and noticed that there was a massive sale annnnnnd we just so happened to need some new blinds for our french doors.  Our french door roman shades that came with the house were dirty, but were functional at least until one of the shades broke off.

We weren't planning on buying new ones anytime soon and were just going to deal with the ones we had 'cause there are just more important things to spend money on around here, but who could say no to four bamboo french door blinds in java mahogany for only $5.74 each?!

The only problem is we need 27" wide blinds and the ones I bought were a tad too small at 23".  At under six bucks each we thought we should hold onto them in case we find a use for them.  Although they won't work out on our french doors, we might use one on this door in our sunroom.

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